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September 10, 2019


City Council overrode Mayor's veto of its budget. 6 of them wanted a $4M slush fund to spend on whatever. County was really out of control. Just threw it in the taxpayers face. God forbid they couldn't get as big of a raise next year.

I have never felt county taxes were fair. I don't like city taxes either but at least I get some benefit -- police, fire, streets, parks, medians, etc. Other than the sheriff + jail, the county does nothing for me. They don't build libraries (what for? county residents can use city libraries) and their parks are few and far between (again...county residents use city parks.) County commissioners are usually an embarrassment and they seem to be able to raise their salaries and taxes without approval from the voters. The entire county government system is pretty much without merit. Do they care what I think? Not one iota.

City-county consolidation would save a lot of money and result in fewer elected drones, too.

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