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October 23, 2019


I just want to know in which building the Apaches bunked in back in 1799.

If anything the Apache case makes the case FOR destroying all those buildings built by the white man.



the 600,000 didn't know they were getting a Sports Arena. I fooled them all.

David K didn't say a word about the arena. He is talking about property rights and Grossman's attack on them. Mr. KKK said he doesn't want the arena built, which is against the wishes of voters and contradicts his own values. He is willing to be hypocrite to be against the arena.

No one wants the stupid arena. Get over it already.

Leave; we didn't know we were getting a sports venue. It was a MS & Wilson bait-and-switch.

Jerryk, Dave didnt want it in the beginning, but once MS figured out they can get a free Arena because it won't pay for itself things change. Pushing Margo hard to get it done before Leeser can come in and maybe call for a re-vote on Wilson's bait and switch. Now, if Max is doing this and gets this Durango property owner screwed out of the kind of money he could get that could make his family set for the rest of their lives and the damn Arena get built elsewhere, then i would expect Max and his buddy to pay that person the same amount the city would have paid them. If not then i would hope both would die a slow death.

Just a Thot-your comment makes no sense other than you continuing to believe DavidK gets some benefit. Seems to me this is all a legal process started by one guy and it has been going through the usual legal channels and it appears the guy that filed the lawsuits isn’t winning. Has nothing to do with any politician pulling any strings in the legal case.

MS gets benefit if the Arena can get built quick. Dave has always bent the knee to MS. Leeser getting elected does not help MS. Re-electing Dee does. Entiendes ?

Keep fucking them, Max. Make those goddam corporate welfare leeches pay for their own Arena. Get Hunt and Foster out of our tax base.

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