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October 24, 2019


You’re right.

It’s gonna get ugly.

Which is why Eddie just go ahead and jump-in.

And if there is a God, Cassandra will jump-in too.



Speaking of elections getting ugly, who is the new opponent of Vincent Perez. I heard that she's young and also an attorney?

If you are a so called writer... learn to spell first... or at least use a spell checker.
Also, why compare two people with such an opinionated bias when you don’t even know the people or what they have experienced and the reasons behind their decisions. Like how you seem to think that Elisa is not fit to represent the community of El Paso only because she has decided to seek opportunities to be a better state representative for the city. If you could see things with other perspectives, you would realize that Elisa loves El Paso so much and wants to have the experience and skills necessary to be a representative El Paso would be proud to have that she only moved to Austin with the intent of gaining the wisdom from witnessing how things run in the Capitol, especially during this past legislative session.
In regards to Claudia, you probably should not place her so high up on a pedestal like you do in your articles. You are ignoring her flaws like her diva-like behavior. Like the fact that she has disrespected and questioned police authority while making herself feel superior to others just for her government title.
Overall, you could probably do a better job as a writer if you keep it fair for all the parties involved including your readers by basing your articles on more truthful and accurate facts.

Sounds like Anonymous is a lackey for Elisa. I think Ordaz loves El Paso. I think Ordaz has a deeper level of experience when it comes to government. DavidK lives in Austin - how do you know whether or not he has any info on this Elisa person. She hasn't lived in El Paso so guess what - no one here has any earthly idea who she is. BTW - all women in elective office act live Divas. The biggest diva is Escobar followed by Mary Gonzalez.

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