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October 11, 2019


Item 19.1 does not remove the TIRZ it is only the required notification for a public hearing on Oct 29

Item 27.1 is a staff presentation reporting back on a previous direction from CC explaining the costs and impact of a conservation easement (CE) with possible action.

The recommendation is not a CE but to maintain the status quo, leave the land in the PSB inventory, and use the open space/stormwater charged to ratepayers by the PSB to pay PSB for the land.

You are however correct about the ballot language needing to specify preservation of the land in a CE because of the prep work cost plus the recurring CE management fee.

The City only publicly stated an estimated purchase cost if the proposition passed.

The proposition would have needed to specify preservation of the land in a CE which I believe would have required the City to inform the voters that they are also consenting to additional recurring costs beyond the purchase.

One of the recommendations is to review adding restrictive covenants. That was not in the wording of the ballot proposition. I heard Svarzbein is postponing 27.1 for 2 weeks. Guess the land grabbers are in a tizzy that they are not going to get their way. They should have been smarter about the wording of their petition. Too late now. If they decide to do another petition to get their easement it will take 10 times the number of signatures from last time.

The City is only reviewing options so they can defend a decision to do nothing more than what would be minimally compliant with the proposition, which is maintain the status quo and leave the land in PSB inventory.

Mary: I get that. And I think that's exactly what the city should do - leave it alone. It's the Lost Dog Trail people that don't understand. Peter delayed it for 2 weeks hoping he can get the city to reverse themselves or give the group time to get a lawyer to somehow argue their point.

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