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October 16, 2019


Somebody needs to let Rick Francis know.

He will straighten this out.



2 weeks doesn't matter not enough votes (at the moment at least) to pass a CE because of public safety.

Of course this is El Paso so that could possibly change if someone is so morally bankrupt that they decide to play dirty politics instead of protecting the public.

A CE is inflexible to change and would cause irreparable harm to the properties downstream.

Only the court can modify or remove a CE.

The City would have to litigate against the land trust (read more $$$ for outside attorney fees, court costs, and no doubt injunctions) and hope the judge agrees with their cause.

Tamayo is done and Blanco has lost support.

Message to delegation: D76 residents will pick their own candidates who they expect you to support.

Claudia Ordaz-Perez announced she is running for House Rep seat and from what I am told has very broad support in the district.

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