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October 07, 2019


This whole mess is just getting ridiculous, expensive and leads nowhere. Blame Leeser. This all started under his admin and was handled badly by the city and their outside counsel. The council members at that time bear responsibility for this mess too. They had voted unanimously for the site and then lost their nerve when Niland got verbally attacked for a couple of hours at her district meeting by five people that you could tell were students from UTEP and some community activist. She caved and then we got the whole walking quorum issue that caused legal problems for certain council members. Enough already. At least Margo tried to end the lawsuits and find a solution but he gets zero credit. Media acts like Margo started the mess. He didn’t. Oscar Leeser did.

DavidK is right about the local elected judges. They have no balls to put an end to this game.

Who is the judge so I can vote against him/her?

Blame Leeser, bullshit. Blame Wilson. All this shit comes down to her.

I won't mention his name but professor, the one who claims to be acting in the name of "history," is a thorn in the side of fiscal responsibility. If he cared at all about the city, he would quit wasting tax payer dollars. Too bad he couldn't be bothered with that crappy neighborhood before it was due to be destroyed. It's been a blight for decades. Where was his righteous indignation then?

Speaking of that unnamed person and his threat of a lawsuit; he is treading thin ice with me for his accusations of corruption involving my companies and family. That's defamation of character, libel and slander, and its in print (so to speak). So Mr. Nobody just try it. My lawyers will gladly accept the challenge.

Depositions are fun!

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