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October 18, 2019


I too was shocked the Ethics Commission declined to hear this complaint. Blaugrund should be thoroughly embarrassed for wasting everyone’s time.

It did work for Jim Tolbert, didn't it?

In hindsight no. He eventually recanted publicly and apologized. He admitted it was all orchestrated by Byrd and Escobar. I watched the hearing. It was a kangaroo court. We now have an ethics commission that seems to be more reasoned and serious.

I have no qualm with the commissions determination but I wish they would have been more cognizant of the optics and credibility of their ruling by following their own commission rules.

Appointees of accused are supposed to recuse themselves.

Since the complaint was determined to be out of their purview, Margo's campaign donors should have also recused.

Members of board that cleared Mayor of wrongdoing supported his campaign


The optics are bad. The professor has an issue with the mayor and Lessor has something to gain. Tolbert had an issue with the representative. Complaints like this smell before they ever make it to the ethics committee. It renews my faith in justice that Margo's complaint wasn't even heard.

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