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November 14, 2019


Just once I would like to hear a politician acknowledge that all money comes from taxpayers and that as an elected official they will make sure that money is spent wisely and not on wasteful programs and state agencies.

The State's pitiful excuse for "decreasing property taxes" but allegedly still funding education was ridiculous. All that did was cause all 254 counties and every city in Texas to raise their tax rate to the absolute maximum knowing that next budget year they will be held to 2.5%.

December 9th is the last day

Here is the link for deadlines


Maybe this helps to explain how our local taxes are so damn high? I mean, with candidates this clueless, how the hell can we ever hope to turn things around?

All candidates say they will fight for you, why are you so against this young lady?

I am against her because she is a carpetbagger. We already have and have had, state reps that do not live in El Paso. They "live" here at a rental house address so they can prove residency and then spend 99% of their time in Austin because its so much more fun. As much as I like Pickett he wasn't necessarily a full time El Paso resident, but at least he grew up here, served on the city council etc. Mary Gonzales and Cesar Blanco are prime examples. If Blanco gets the Senate seat you can be guaranteed you will only see him when he needs money or a photo op. He is a nobody in Austin. No one even knows he was a state rep from El Paso.

This woman hasn't lived in El Paso long enough (or often enough) to have any earthly idea what we are about. And I am super suspicious of why Moody and Rodriguez have unabashedly put all their support behind her instead of staying out of the race and letting candidates run without influence from sitting reps. Used to be the state reps and the state senator would stay out of these races and city and county races. Not anymore. Everybody thinks they are kingmakers.

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