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November 13, 2019


Annello and Svarzbein were ringleaders in the $4M slush fund which brought us the $0.06 tax increase. The paper didn't say today whether or not council voted for yesterday's agenda item for $100 million in certificates of obligation. My guess is Annello and Svarzbein would vote yes. They think money does grow on trees in El Paso.

Limon is now a political consultant - the liberal/Democrat answer to the FORMA Group which supports all the conservative/Republican candidates. Guess she fashions herself as a king maker.

I used to think Rich Wright had some credibility - but not so much anymore. He has compromised his beliefs by hanging around the crazies too much. Maybe he needs to spend less time at the Kentucky Club.

Ordaz is respected and liked by many voters in District 76.
She has a lot of support from those who actually count - the voters.

Rich Wright not so much, particularly with the way he has mischaracterized and stereotyped the residents in past blog posts.

Nothing on the JP Morgan Chase shadow bid to take control of EPE? Figured you'd be aware.


No one cares or understands anything about the sale of El Paso Electric. Way too complicated for most folks. Kudos to EPT trying to explain the deal. Understand one thing - no matter who owns EPE, rates will never go down.

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