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January 16, 2020


Bloomberg is not trying to win the democratic nomination, he simply has found a way to have unlimited donations to the Democratic Party. Bloomberg has already stated that these campaign offices will stay open and support whomever wins the democratic nomination. Bloomberg is self funding the support network for whomever wins the nomination. In essence he is funding the ground campaign for whomever wins the nomination. He is not even on the ballot for most of the state primaries. Even his $30 million in digital ads are all about attacking Trump, not about how he is different from any of the other bozos that are running. He has found a loophole and all the people whom normally are against Citizens United, and big money in politics, are turning a blind eye. This is a bad precedent for American politics.

We got past free abortions for men and $100K per head reparations for illegals' inconvenience for crossing over illegally. What's left to give away for free? If the DEM nomination goes to the loopiest candidate left standing Bloomberg ends up throwing away his money on a lost cause. How many geriatric billionaires are running now, anyway?

Is being a city council Rep a full time job???

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