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January 30, 2020


I agree with you that Texas will not go blue in November, but I'm curious about why you think Beto's run was all about Beto. Personally, I'd say it was a combination of love for Beto, hatred of Cruz, and a slow shift towards Texas become more Democratic.

If it were all about Beto, I expect he would have done better during his presidential campaign. But not only did he underperform, he straight up tanked. Obviously, running for president is different than running for Senate. But I think that a lot of his flaws were ignored during the Senate race because of how much Democrats hate Cruz. If he were really so great, how do you explain his abysmal performance running for president? It's not a rhetorical question - I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

Cruz was disliked by both Dems and Repubs. Beto was cool, new, fresh and all the young people thought he was the young version of Bernie. There is a reason Beto did not run against Cornyn. No way he would have even come close to winning. Beto is the only one that believes he has some sort of genius when it comes to politics. Well, no he didn't. He was just another flash in the pan and will be remembered for blowing $80 million on a senate election and losing.

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